Duke’s Story

Duke’s Story
  • 24 February 2020
  • petwantspalmbeachnorth

A testimonial of the amazing healing powers of Pet Wants products.

I have a great story to share. My dog Duke is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This is a great breed of dog and he is the sweetest and most loyal pup that anyone could ever ask for. Unfortunately, as a long hair breed that originated in the colder United Kingdom, he has had some issues adapting to the subtropical South Florida environment.

For about eight years, we have fought with skin problems on Duke. Dry crusty patches all over his body and red irritated skin on his underbelly were a constant battle. The poor thing itched much of the time and he scratched himself a lot. Duke went to many different vets to try to figure out how to help the constant itching and skin problems. We tried every dog food imaginable over the years from the high-end store brands to the prescription hypoallergenic foods from the vet to the grain free to the home-made blends. We had very little success and what little success we did have was very short lived. We tried the prescription shampoos, steroids, antibiotic shots and pills as well as the prescription Apoquel. The antibiotic shots did help but only for a month and a half or so, then the skin problems would come back even worst than before. The Apoquel also helped with the itching quite a bit, but poor Duke lived with diarrhea when he was taking it and the results would diminish over time.

I took him back to a new vet and asked her to give him another antibiotic shot and refill my medicated shampoo prescription. The vet said that she would not do either one of those things. She said that the antibiotics, while they were a short-term solution, were perpetuating the problem and actually making it worst because they were killing the good bacteria on his skin. She said that her dog went through the same skin troubles when she moved down to Florida from the Northeast. She also said that the food that Duke was eating was a large part of the problem because although it contained good ingredients, it also contained preservatives, which were the root cause of Duke’s skin problems. I was skeptical of her diagnosis but she showed me photos of her dog before and after she treated him and she convinced me to try the following regiment:

– First, I was not to give Duke a bath for four weeks so that the good bacteria could recolonize on his skin and also in his gut.
– Second, I was to discontinue all prescription medications including Apoquel.
– Third, I was to order him dog food from a company called Pet Wants and only feed him this dog food because it had NO PRESERVATIVES of any kind and it was made fresh every thirty days. I was to give him no other food of any kind including table scraps or doggy treats from another brand.

I followed her instructions to the letter and we returned to the vet after four weeks for a checkup. The difference was miraculous. Duke’s skin was perfect and all sores and redness had disappeared completely. He was also acting like we had shaved ten years off of his life as his joints were not bothering him any more and he was running and jumping like a puppy. Even my neighbors were asking why Duke had so much energy and vitality when I would take him for walks. The vet explained why this miraculous change had occurred in Duke. She told us how the Pet Wants line of animal foods has no preservatives in any of their foods. Many dogs are very sensitive to these strong preservative chemicals and it is amazing to see the changes in them when these chemicals are removed from their diets. She also explained that since all of the Pet Wants products were made fresh and did not sit in a warehouse for extended periods of time, the nutritional value was much higher than anything else on the market. She also explained that the food was made at a central location and then shipped to distributors around the country in small batches. The food is then sold when it is extremely fresh through a network of Pet Want Franchise owners who will actually deliver the food to your door themselves. I have come to know my Palm Beach County Pet Wants franchise owner, Susan Simpson very well and I refer my neighbors and friends to her frequently. You can learn all about this awesome line of life-giving products at or you can contact Susan at 561-240-3194 or with any questions.

My vet was right and I have shared Duke’s story with many people and they too have had great results with all kinds of issues that trouble their pets. Almost everyone that have told about this wonderful line of dog foods and treats has adopted Pet Wants as their regular food because they are so happy with the results. I only wish that I had found Pet Wants years ago.

My advice to anyone reading this is to give Pet Wants a try. You have nothing to loose and your precious pets have everything to gain.


Michael Gabriel